Ingredients & Sourcing

Made by us, using our own formulation and tested in the real-world.

Our Ingredients & Sourcing

Many of the following natural ingredients are derived from seeds, fruits and nuts collected as a sustainable by-product of fruit and food production, as they have been done for many centuries by farmers and artisan oil producers.

The following explains some of the terms used in the descriptions below:

Cold Pressed: Simply means the ingredients have been squashed under heavy presses to release the oils. This is the simplest form of mechanical pressing (under pressure) of our raw materials. During pressing, the natural oils are released and collected. The oils are then simply filtered (through paper, screens or natural clays) to remove particles and the remaining bits of husk to produce a clear oil.

Expeller Pressed: Similar to cold pressing, except this time the ingredients are pushed through a rotating mechanical screw press to squeeze (or expel) the raw materials through a small hole (like a coffee or spice grinder). During that process, the oil in the material is released and collected. As the process involves higher pressure and friction, some warmth can be naturally generated depending on what’s being pressed, but otherwise it’s still a mechanical process to extract the oils. As above the oils can be then filtered to improve oil clarity.

Refined: The coconut oil in our balms is cold pressed then refined, which involves a simple filter to remove the characteristic coconut odour. As much as we love the smell of coconuts, we wouldn’t want all of our balms to be smelling the same. Similarly, our Vitamin E is blended from a variety of seed oil mixtures (sunflower seeds etc) to provide a balanced mix of naturally preserving tocopherols.

Roasted: Just like with chocolate production, our raw cocoa is toasted under heat after pod fermentation to help release the raw material ingredient from the husk and convert the raw ingredient into giving its lovely chocolately aroma. We use a deodourised (simply filtered) cocoa butter in our balms.

As part of our sustainability programme, Cosmocabana ensures that all of our core ingredients come from responsible sources.

All of our products are made in the UK using responsibly sourced ingredients.

Animal testing has been banned in the UK and EU for a long time now, so you can be confident of a cruelty-free balm.

Apricot Kernel Oil
Prunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil

This is a light, soft oil which is rich in vitamins A and E which is both nourishing and protective. It’s made from the apricot stone kernel and is a great moisturiser in all skin types and is excellent for dry, sun-damaged, mature, inflamed or wind-beaten skin. It’s our number one go-to oil for all our balms.

Why we use it: Skin Restoration, Softener and Conditioner
Extraction: Cold Pressed


Coconut Oil
Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil

Our coconut oil, made from fresh coconuts, is an excellent moisturiser and softener for dry and sensitive skin of all types, providing a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss. The oil has been refined to remove the coconut aroma. We use it for its protective barrier and moisture retention qualities.

Why we use it: Protective Barrier & Moisture Retention
Extraction: Cold & Expeller Pressed, Refined


Jojoba Oil
Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil

This is an excellent oil well-known for sharing similar properties with human skin. It is easily absorbed and provides highly regenerative, moisturising and antioxidant properties, leaving a non-greasy silky-smooth finish. We believe it adds that lovely creaminess to the ‘feel’ of a balm on your lips.

Why we use it: Regeneration and Antioxidants
Extraction: Cold Pressed


Sweet Almond Oil
Prunus amygdalus dulcis

A light oil, cold pressed from the almond stone kernel and suitable for dry and irritated skin due to its moisturising, nourishing and protective qualities. It’s rich in Oleic Acid (Omega 9) and other vitamins (A, B D and E), fast absorbing and ultra-moisturising which is why we like it.

Why we use it: Skin Moisturiser
Extraction: Cold Pressed

Cocoa Butter
Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter

Our cocoa is sourced from independent farmers adhering to good ethical trade practices. High in vitamin E and antioxidants, our rich emollient butter softens and moisturises skin beautifully slowing down moisture loss. It’s great for chapped and irritated lips and as a daily skin hydrator and helps add to our overall creamy texture.

Why we use it: Skin Restoration, Conditioning and Creamy Texture
Extraction: Roasted, Expeller Pressed, Refined

Cera alba

Used for centuries for its excellent naturally protective and moisture retention qualities. Our beeswax is a cruelty-free by-product of responsible beekeeping. The wax has its yellow colour naturally removed by exposure to the sun and is a natural emollient that keeps the skin soft and protected. We use the wax to thicken and bind our balms and provide that wonderful creamy and protective texture.

Why we use it: Creamy Texture and Protective Barrier
Extraction: Hand Collected

Tocopherol (sunflower derived)

Tocopherols (Vitamin E) are a great natural preservative extracted from sunflower seeds. They add stability and longevity to our balms and function as an extremely effective antioxidant, which is also excellent on skin for its ability to reduce free radicals. While the skin benefits are there, we only use a very small percentage in our balm mix, and so its primary purpose is as a natural balm preservative.

Why we use it: Antioxidant, Natural Preservative
Extraction: Refined

“Aroma” is the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) name for food grade and lip safe flavour oils.

IFRA is the International Fragrance Association, which is used in the UK & EU to determine the safe level of products that can be used on both leave-on products as well as wash-off products. In the UK & EU, a fragrance is a chemical compound that has a smell or odour and may contain natural aromatic raw materials obtained from plants using distillation, expression and extraction in addition to those replicated in a lab from the exact same flavour chemicals present in natural compounds.

All of our aroma ingredients are food grade lip safe oils, compliant with IFRA levels for leave-on skin products and are made in the UK. Our flavour oils generally make up less than 2% of our ingredient mix and are made in accordance with strict quality control and UK / EU cosmetic safety requirements.

In the UK & EU we are legally required to identify allergens in cosmetic products. Some of our products are ‘allergen-free’ in that they are free from the allergens often found in essential oils (citral, limonene, geraniol, linalool).

Certain citrus-based oils can lead to increased sensitivity of the skin in sunlight (photosensitivity) for some people. None of our products contain oils that are known to cause photosensitivity.

We use a limited number of naturally derived nut, fruit and seed oils at Cosmocabana. As we source from agricultural suppliers that cannot guarantee a nut or gluten free raw material supply chain, we’d advise that if you have a severe allergy to these, that you remain cautious and don’t use our products.

Our current range of lip balms are generally a naturally creamy white colour for a clear finish.  As our ingredients are made from agriculturally sourced natural oils, nut butters and waxes, there may be a slight variation in natural colour hue from season to season.

The UK & EU have some of the highest cosmetic safety standards in the world and each one of our products is assessed for safety prior to sale by a Cosmetics Safety Assessor, which is a legal requirement in the UK and EU. All of our ingredients are cosmetic and food grade and safe for use in leave-on skin products and are sourced in the UK.

Each product has its own Product Information File (PIF) and is uploaded on the UK Cosmetic Products Notification Panel.

As manufacturers of our products we are also the ‘Responsible Person’ within the UK for enquiries about our products.

We’re specialists in lip products and they’re all made by us in batches in our own facility. All of our range has been rigorously tested for long-term stability and we’re confident that each balm will be fine for use up to one year after opening.

However, how long it stays in great condition depends on how you store it. We know our balms don’t like washing machines and not at all happy in hot cars or repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Be kind to the balm and it will keep you happy!

Our unique code on the back of each product is made up of a sequence of six characters. These batch codes are required under UK cosmetic safety regulations and also help show when the product was manufactured.

Each code is made up of six characters; the first two denote the product code or flavour (e.g. LE = Lemon), the third is for the month of production (e.g. A = January); the fourth and fifth are the year of production (e.g. 21 = 2021) and the sixth is the batch number (e.g. A = batch number one) in that month.

For example, a product with a batch code LEA21A, relates to a lemon lip balm, made in January 2021 and was the first batch made in that month.

Our products are currently only available in the mainland UK. As Northern Ireland (NI) is still covered under EU cosmetics regulation we’re unable to ship to NI at the present time.