We are Cosmocabana

skincare for life's adventures

We’re here for the magical moments


For that first ascent, the half-pipe crusader and white water rodeo fun, the deep in the barrel and early morning run, for the curious back packer, explorer and camper, the downhill biker, cliff hopper and zorber, to the all night movers and shakers, festival groovers and lifestyle makers, we salute you


So this is for you, the exceptional you; the weekend warrior, the challenger and the thrill seeker


Together we bring you lip balms for life’s adventures

Our story



Our own adventure started in 2015 with a family collective of British and Norwegian skiers, surfers, rock climbers, runners and adventure seeking explorers, unafraid to try new things, to dare and test boundaries and make things happen.

The first few years were spent formulating and perfecting our balms. We needed a lip balm that would work just as hard as we played hard.

Our name comes from ‘worldy / beauty’ and ‘cabin’ and is a nod to our roots, time spent in mountain cabins and shared appreciation of the beautiful things in life.

Roll the clock forwards and here we are, with the goal to nourish and protect your skin while living life and having fun.

Join us on a mission to keep smiling no matter what the world throws at you.

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For Life's Adventures

Lip balm formulated for the everyday active and adventurous you

Climate Positive

We're carbon negative across our entire product range

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Made in the UK

Developed and manufactured in the sunny south-west UK

Giving Back

Embracing opportunities to re-invest back to social and environmental causes

leave light footprints

A world of beauty

As an indie skincare brand guided by everyday lifestyles we want to keep the world in which we play and live beautiful.

Right from our beginnings, we developed our own approach to sustainable business through our Cosmocabana LIPS Programme (Live Inclusively, Produce Sustainably).

Our entire lip balm range is Carbon Negative. What’s more, and we believe it to be a first for the UK cosmetics industry, we cover all of the emissions in delivering our products to you when bought online and in their final disposal, so you don’t have to.

That’s our commitment from day one and we don’t want to stop there. We will have some exciting announcements to read about on our low carbon and sustainability work soon.

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investing in our future

Giving Back

We help support social and environmental causes that keep you and the world beautiful.

For each lip balm you buy, 5% of the net profit is redistributed back through these causes.

You have the final say on who benefits.

Your lip balm, your choice.

partners for life

Our Brand

We love to hear from the like-minded bold and curious.

If you’re an individual or a business with a lust for life and adventure, let’s talk.